Being A Winner

Being a Winner
A modern fable for career success

A Personal Note: This is a perfect read for anyone and everyone who wants to be successful in life. We at Metamorphosis have met many people who are successful in their career and life. The contents of this book thus comes from the experience of all such great people and also on the research made by team Metamorphosis in last 15 years.

Chapter 1: If not you…WHO?
Chapter2: I got my mentor…yes a online mentor
Chapter3: Beliefs: They make you or Brake you
Chapter4:The three Keys to BAW
Chapter5:Foundation of Relationships
Chapter6: Date with Destiny: Dream Designing :Everything that is Great and grand now started as small and simple.
Chapter7: Conclusion
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If not You!…WHO?

“If you really want to do something, you will find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse”
– Jim Ron

“If everyone was satisfied with themselves, there would be no heroes”
– Mark Twain
Everyone of us is a born winner. Unfortunately most of us don’t live like a winner. Yes you may find that I am talking too direct too early in our meeting. But I have to be very honest with you. It may be a bitter pill but for better life to start. I think I should also tell you that I am just a normal ordinary boy who got lucky to learn some powerful learning at right time in life. By the way if you have this question, “What is the right time?” let me tell you “Right now is right time”. And the best thing is that I am here to share those powerful Mantra’s with you right here Right Now…Yes Right NOW. Because
If not now……WHEN?
If not here….WHERE?
If not YOU……WHO?
I will share with you all the rules of success which I got so that you get maximum benefit. The very choice of yours to read my story…a story of success that itself shows your commitment towards your life and career. This journey of “Being a Winner” will be a fun-filled and joyous journey which you will definitely enjoy. And not just enjoy but will get benefited big time. But above all else, I promise you, I will be honest. I owe you that respect.

My name is Praveen Shah, and though I was born in Indore, I have lived here in Mumbai for nearly all my life. And I still love this place. The local trains, the speed, the people of different types. And the vada-pav on these busy streets- incredible. Correct, I love food, along with talking with people, reading books, cricket, swimming and of course music.
Now let me share some background before I tell you about the strange yet very important events that altered me from where I once was to the place I’d always wanted to be. I was brought up under able guidance of my educated parents. My father a typical navy man and mother a house wife. My parents made me available whatever they thought was important to me like books, good school, tuition classes etc. Growing up I was a good kid, not very intelligent like a first rank holder nor was I like the last benchers. I always managed to be somewhere in the middle this was also to make sure that no one notices me much. I always did my homework on time and got through all exams with decent marks. I also participated in school sport but not very often like an athlete. So I could say I was doing fairly well in my life. Everything suddenly changed when I got my tenth standard results and I failed in two subjects in my final exams. It was a BIG blow to me. The ground beneath my feet fell out from under me. I lost all confidence. I was shattered completely. I stopped going out of my house, no contacts with friends and relatives. My life became stuck. I medicated myself with too much of TV, too much of food, and worst of all too much of worry- all designed to avoid having to feel the pain that one feels at the recognition of one’s lost potential and avoid dealing with my lacking. I somehow managed to get just passing marks in my second attempt and cleared my tenth standard.
Now although I was tenth pass, I had no goal. Rather no courage to share my goals, dreams and ambitions. All these words looked very useless and meaningless. At this time my parents thought it would be really good for me to take break and stay with my grandparents for a few days. My grandparents live a retired life in Lonavala. They lived in a farmhouse of sorts which had all the facilities the old couple wanted. I agreed to go there with a condition to get a laptop from my father. My dad agreed and organized a second hand lappi for me to read books as per his understanding ( and to play games as per my requirements). The bonus was to get an internet pen drive along with the lappi. But that didnot make me happy,as a matter of fact I had actually forgotten how to be happy in life. I had also lost faith in getting happiness or success ever in my life.
Now here’s where the story gets really good. One day, a sort of miracle showed up in my life. When I least expected something good to happen, good came hunting me down. And that changed the game completely. At my grandparents place in Lonavala while surfing casually on internet I came across a strange website. The lessons I learned in my short time with that site shattered all my limitations. It exposed me to a whole new way of being in life. A new view of life appeared. It opened unlimited possibilities to lead a powerful life. Now at age 25 in huge success, happiness and satisfaction I have come to a belief that hard times do make better people. If you are committed you can change the things around. And every one of us is a winner the moment we start relating our self as one. It’s now time for me to share with you what happened to me when I got my mentor…on a website…”metamorphosis”.

Chapter2: I got my mentor…yes a online mentor

“ I  will prepare and someday my chance will come” – Abraham Lincoln

“Learn everything you can, anytime you can, from anyone your can- there will always come a time when you will be grateful you did” – Sarah Caldwell

It was another great boring day.I had completed my breakfast with my grandparents. This break period of my life was getting dull day by day. It was now more of a routine to get up, have breakfast, go to a near-by market to by things as listed by grandma. Then see television for the whole day with few breaks for internet surfing that too with no particular intention behind surfing. Then at night have dinner together with grandparents and sleep. This entire routine further demotivated and discouraged me. It made me feel even more apathy about the way I was spending my days. My behavior and feelings were so obvious and clear that my grandparents easily understood those. I became a concern for them because even at that age they were more enthusiastic and energetic than me.

Then something mysterious happened. AS I was quietly sipping a cup of coffee, doing my best to stay away and hiding from doing any meaningful work inserting my head in my laptop and surfing the internet. There came a very weird and strange website on my screen. I don’t have a particular reason why I got stuck on this website. At the center of the homepage of this website there was a dark red circle. I clicked on that circle. To my amusement and  surprise some colorful text with a nice soothing music got displayed. I somehow liked the music which actually prevented me from closing the site. While listening to the music I also started reading. I was congratulated on almost every-line for striking this website. I first thought its some African website and will now ask me my bank details to transfer some huge amount of money. So I was taking it lightly but still just went on reading it listening to the music. The three words which were repeated many times were “Being A Winner” . After reading all that was there at last I was asked to answer a question in “Yes” or “No”. The question was ” Do you want to be a Winner ?”. On right side of the question there was a reverse counting clock as if I had only 75 sec left to make a choice.At that moment I remembered a fact shared with me by my dad. Ay dad had told me that all big leaders like CEOs, Army Chiefs, etc take many of their big decisions in fraction of minutes. With that little motivation or may be inspiration I just clicked “YES”. Of course it was with lot of uncertainty and fear.

The moment I clicked “yes” a calendar pop-up on the screen. It said “Your first meeting with you mentor” , Date- I was to give a date, Time- A time for the meeting. As I was not sure where this all was heading towards So I thought of hiding this all from my grandparents. I also selected a date and time matching it with my grandparents regular medical check-up visit. So I can have my first meeting with this so called ‘mentor’ in their absence. After providing the date and time details , I was asked to fill a detail form about myself. Then on submitting that form I got a link which I was supposed to click on the meeting day at meeting time to start a Video call. For someone like me who was spending and wasting his days with TV, video games and the mundane daily activities this was something of interest , at least engaging into something to spend time on. I was not clear but was definitely thrilled about all this. Now I actually started waiting for the meeting day to come. I cleaned my room, kept all the stuff lying in a order esp books and CDs. Arranged my clothes , bags and made sure my room looks good in the web cam. I also planned to get a hair-cut before the meeting. I was continuously reconfirming with my grandparents about their check-up appointment, this surprised them a bit but hopefully not suspicious.

And the day came, exactly at 9.30 my grandparents took a cab to go for their check-up. My appointment was of 10am. I was all set from 9.45am with web-cam on and the link in-front of me to be clicked exactly at 10am. Although I was not ready to accept openly that I was eager to meet the mentor, but somewhere inside I was expecting and praying that nothing to come in between me and that meeting. I wanted no power offs, no internet down , nothing. At sharp 10am I clicked on the blue link. I could see a web application getting installed first and then opening on my laptop. On the left hand side there was a list titled “Attendees”. I could see two names in that list one was mine and the other just said ‘Mentor’. I was happy that everything started as planned but then also got upset because the name behind this word mentor was not displayed. Why is the person hiding his/her identity? .I thought this person will never come on screen as well. But I was wrong. I could see a elderly person maybe in his 60’s with long gray hair and a french beard. He was like made of a combination of Albert Einstein and Amitabh Bachchan faces. I know its tough to imagine this but that was how he looked like. He wished me in a clear loud voice “Good Morning, Praveen . How are you doing?”. I said “Good Morning …Ment..” I was struggling to know what to call him. Recognizing my confusion he immediately said “My name is Rakesh Sinha”. So now I could complete my sentence saying ” Good Morning Rakesh Sir”. He said ” Praveen , My name is not Rakesh Sir its just Rakesh. So please call me Rakesh, Praveen”. I was quick to learn that, I acknowledged that “Ok Rakesh”. He started laughing happily and said ” Let me tell you this Dale Carnegie secret of calling people by their name,Praveen a person’s name is the sweetest word for that person to listen in the whole world”. “Sweetest?” I wondered aloud, still appreciating this new information I got about human names. “Yes, sweetest. I know you like sweets Praveen” he laughed.”What?, how do you know that I like sweets? Do you know me? Please tell me.” I shouted with shock of my life. “Don’t worry Praveen, I will tell you. Before we choose to mentor anyone we do a detail research of that person. So I know almost everything about you that you know about yourself. But that’s not important, the important part is I also know many things about You Praveen which you also don’t know and you don’t even know that you don’t know them. “Rakesh said very confidently. Now this was confusing me but I still asked with anxiety ” you mean you also know about my results, my failures, everything?”.  “Yes I know everything, but don’t worry Praveen, getting lost along your path is a part of finding the path you are meant to be on. Sometimes we need to get off track before we can develop the clarity to be on track. All that you have gone through , from failure in examinations to losing friends and other things, has been preparation”. “Preparation?” I wondered aloud still feeling sad. “Sure, If you hadn’t gone through everything you’ve gone through , there’s no way in the world you’d be ready to listen what I have come here to teach you. Life had to break you down so you could be rebuilt better. And boy , just wait until you see the breakthrough you are about to experience.Before you know it , you will be the rock star in the new millennium. “Rakesh said as his voice rose full of passion. “A rock-star?” I questioned. Rakesh instantly shot one fist into the air enthusiastically “Yes, a rock-star” he replied as he laughed.

“Boss, I have trouble just passing my day. See Boss I know you might have done some research about me. But you really have no idea of what I’ve gone through. I still have flashbacks from the exam and results when I least expect it. Even today in my dreams I can see my friends laughing and making my mockery. I can hardly sleep most nights, so a lot of the time I am exhausted. My goal now in life is pretty much to survive”.

Rakesh gave a little smile and looked deeply into my eyes. “I get you” he said growing very serious. “And I respect what you are telling me, Praveen. Please just be open to what I have set this meeting to share with you. My life was a mess too. But it’s been completely turned around. It’s like a magic happened. And I promise the same will happen to you. And just imagine not only accomplishing your Dreams but reaching your absolute best in terms of health , your relationships and your level of happiness. I can show you exactly how to have all of this. And its a lot easier than you might think”.

“Does that necklace you are wearing with “BAW” on it has something to do with what you want to teach me?” I asked Rakesh full of curiosity. “Fantastic, that’s good” Rakesh responded politely “This is going to be easier than I thought. Yes , BAW lies at the heart of the method you’re about to discover. It’s a profoundly simple yet simply profound way of working and ‘BEING”. One day it was taught to me by ‘my mentor’. Something deep within me shifted. And my untapped power awakened. I became unrecognizable even by myself. I know how strange it sounds , Praveen. But that’s what happened. I started relating, listening, and seeing the whole world in an all together different way. And amazing results began to show up. ”

I was surprised , skeptical , yes but equally fascinated. My inner voice told me that he wasn’t lying, as outlandish as the entire scenario was. “Is it really so powerful , this BAW philosophy of sorts of yours?”. “It is” said Rakesh rubbing those letters in his necklace. “It really is…” he said. “And so what does BAW mean?” I pressed. “First, its a personal transformational philosophy of life and your dreams that anyone , of any age, from any place on this globe right now can apply to unleash their power and experience awesome results within minutes. We all have tremendous power within us, longing to break-free.” I said “WOW, I am “IN” for this game. ” Tell me my “MENTOR” what’s next?”I asked Rakesh with a big smile and excitement. I was feeling so happy and thrilled, maybe not first time in life but surely after a long long time.


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